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Welcome to LaJoJo.co.uk Affordable, original paintings and wall sculptures available in abstract and contemporary styles. The online, secure checkout accepts payments via Credit/Debit card or PayPal. You can also pay by cheque. Allow me to draw your attention to the various sections of the LaJoJo website:

Affordable Art

My affordable, £50 & Under, section - this part of LaJoJo showcases several abstract paintings priced at £49.99 including UK postage! A wide variety of colourful paintings are available to buy here. Available in this section currently are:

  • affordable, abstract, pink paintings
  • affordable, abstract, blue paintings
  • affordable, abstract, green paintings

These reasonably priced paintings will make a wonderful yet affordable addition to your home. Or why not spoil someone and purchase one of these unique gift ideas?


Paintings section - this part of LaJoJo has a variety of paintings including those from my £50 & Under section and more unusual ones too! - vibrant paintings - textured paintings - sculptural paintings. I welcome your feedback about these works of art. If you're an art collector, an artist, a former customer or someone who simply stumbled across my website - all your thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Email me with your comments.

Metal Wall Sculptures

Wall Sculpture section - this part of LaJoJo has a variety of metal wall sculptures. The wall sculptures I currently have in this section are:

  • Dandelion themed wall sculptures
  • Vibrant, abstract, metal wall sculptures
  • Reflective, metal wall sculptures
  • Wall sculptures ideal for the bedroom (above the bed)
  • Resin wall sculptures

The majority of these wall sculptures are available in many sizes and colours. My recently sold wall sculptures were shipped to the USA and Dubai. Again all feedback is welcome. I'm particularly interested in what other artists think. A special thanks to all the customers who have given feedback over the last year.

Comments like this really make my day!

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the fabulous painting you did for me, it now has pride of place in my living room and is exactly what a was looking for, a true piece of original contemporary modern art. I will definitely be recommending you to all! Thanks again!"

Commission Art

Commissions section - this part of LaJoJo has a variety of paintings, all of which can be commissioned. This artist commissions page is designed to help you decide the style and possible colour combinations for your canvas.

How do I commission a painting?

Simply find the paintings you like and adjust the colour using the drop-down colour selector. If you do not find a painting in this section please check out my Sold section as this holds the largest collection of paintings. If we can establish which paintings you're drawn to we can then proceed and hopefully I will create the perfect piece of artwork for your space.

Paintings by Colour section - this part of LaJoJo allows you to view paintings on my website by colour. There is also a small write up about popular colours, for example:

Bring a splash of colour to your room. Paint the town red! The colour red is one of three primary colours and is thought to be the colour to provoke the most response. Red is considered a warm colour along with orange and yellow. The colour red, in all of its various hues, is a very emotionally intense colour, it is a hot, strong colour that depicts emotions such as love, fire, heat, and passion. Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, excitement and playfulness. An accent colour! A stimulant, red is the hottest of the warm colours. Studies show that red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure. So maybe a splash of red is all you need! A beautiful red abstract painting and a few red accessories maybe all you need to liven up your room. Red ART is the post popular choice!

NB: The art by colour feature is also utilised on each item page. Just use the 'Show me more' drop-down selector to show more red paintings for example.


Other Artists section - this part of LaJoJo has a select few pieces from other artists. As this is a relatively new section I currently only have one artist showcasing her work but this is set to change soon; I'm hoping to get some more interesting work by more artists on there. They will be predominantly artists from around the UK. If you are an artist or you can recommend an artist's work - please email me. I will happily look at any artist's work. I'm not solely interested in abstract paintings and wall sculptures - other styles are very welcome!

About me section - this part of LaJoJo has the latest news and soon will be uses to show videos of monthly, on-line exhibitions. These mini-videos will show my favourite paintings from that month's studio work.

Last but not least... my new article - 'Choosing Art 101' - this section of LaJoJo contains some interior design tips and a few ideas on how colours create an atmosphere and how they work with each other.

Things I would like to tell you about that are separate from LaJoJo

My Youtube Channel is a way for me to spread the word about LaJoJo Art! I have several favourite videos on here that really show off my wall sculptures & paintings in a different way. A video is often a good way to show several parts of the artwork in an enjoyable format.

I love getting comments too: "I love the colours and layers on this Jo! I like the texture of the glossy coating too because it makes the layers beneath look like they are underwater. It makes me think of a colourful, rusty shipwreck!"

Here is the link to my most viewed video - over 2500 views! Please follow the link and subscribe to keep updated on my new videos.

Facebook and Twitter - follow me to receive news on discounts and brand new paintings and wall sculptures hot out of the LaJoJo studio.
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